Selling Partnership Shares

Selling partnership shares often involves various considerations.  In most partnerships, partners can choose to sell their share of the partnership to the partnership or a new potential partner as part of the resolution of a partnership dispute or simply because the individual or entity no longer desires to be part of the partnership.

Selling partnership shares will be governed by a partnership agreement, or if there is no partnership agreement, state law will govern sale of a partnership share. It is especially important to check the provisions of a partnership agreement before selling a partnership share, as there might be restrictions on share sales.  For example, a “right of first offer” provision may subject the selling partner to financial penalties or a lawsuit if there is no initial offer to existing partners before offering to sell to outsiders. Also, a partnership agreement might have certain notice requirements that a partner must follow when considering selling his, her or its share.

It is also important to consider what will and will not change as a result of the  sale of a partnership interest.  For example, according to California Corporations Code Section 16201, “partnership is an entity distinct from its partners.” Therefore, if a partner sells their share, that change alone will not dissolve a partnership or create a new one. The original partnership entity will continue to exist despite such changes.  Similarly, section 16502 of California’s Corporation Code provides that a partner’s only transferable interest is “the partner’s share of the profits and losses of the partnership and the partner’s right to receive distributions.” This means that when a partner is selling partnership shares, they are really only transferring their financial interest in the partnership. All other interests are separate, and must be dealt with separately.

If the partner had a managing role in the partnership, the new partners should update the partnership agreement to make sure the new ownership and responsibilities are memorialized in writing.

If you have any questions about selling partnership shares, consult with an experienced attorney. Ezer Williamson Law provides a wide range of both transactional and litigation services to individuals and businesses. We have successfully prosecuted and defended various types of business, real estate, construction and property claims. Contact us at (310) 277-7747 to see how we can help you with your business, real estate or construction law needs.

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