California Boundary Disputes and Property Line Disputes

Boundaries are the lines defining the location of a parcel of real property. Boundary disputes frequently arise between homeowners, business owners, private individuals, and the government. These disputes sometimes arise because of misunderstandings, but more often they are just disagreements about ownership, land use, and property lines.

Other property disputes involve disagreements about the boundaries. These disputes can arise from changes in property ownership, conflicting property descriptions, or even changes in the physical property.

Just as there are many types of boundary disputes, there are many legal remedies for them. Often, alternative dispute resolution can resolve a property dispute. For example, by working with a mediator and having new property surveys done, property lines can be established without a lawsuit. If the use of property is in question, an attorney may be able to help with a deed or title search to see if an easement can be proved through recordings.

If alternative dispute resolution does not work, parties can petition a court to give a declaratory judgment deciding and declaring the boundaries of a parcel and/or the rightful property owner.

When a resolution is finally made, it is important that a boundary agreement is prepared and recorded with the county recorder. That way, future property owners will be on notice of the established boundaries and use rights.

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